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Triggers + Coparenting

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It can be tough to navigate co-parenting on a great day, but it's even more difficult when you're actively triggered by the things your co-parent does. Learning how to manage triggers can help you co-parent more peacefully, devote more time to your kids, and find more time to do the things you love. Are you ready to manage your triggers? Here are the areas of conversation and learning for this course: TRIGGERS ✨What are triggers and why do I have them? ✨How do I know I've been triggered? ✨Why does my co-parent trigger me ( + examples of co-parenting related triggers) ✨Ways to manage triggers in the moment ✨ Reprogramming trigger behaviors ✨Finding out what's underneath your trigger THE FOUR FEAR RESPONSES ✨What they are ✨How they show up in co-parenting triggers ✨Fear response inventory WINDOW OF TOLERANCE ✨What it is ✨Increasing your window ✨Journal prompts ✨Practicing increasing your window of tolerance GROWTH CHART ✨A growth chart explaining how growth happens 9 page workbook included

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