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Protect Your Relationship: Co-Creating Boundaries

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If you're looking to protect your relationship from your high-conflict co-parent OR from your partner's high-conflict co-parent, you're in the right place. This course will guide you through: BASICS ✨Telling your partner you'd like to discuss and implement new boundaries ✨How to have the conversation ✨Tips to help the conversation run smoothly BOUNDARY AREAS TO CONSIDER ✨9 basic boundary areas you and your partner can set to help lessen your co-parent's impact on your relationship ✨a few examples of setting boundaries in some of those areas BOUNDARY SHIFTS WITH CO-PARENTS ✨Boundaries that may need to be shifted around with your co-parent(s) ACCOUNTABILITY ✨How to hold one another accountable when boundary violations occur GROWTH CHART ✨A growth chart explaining how this all might look for you and your partner A 10 page workbook included Group Discussion Included

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