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Signature Program

A four week program focusing on: 

  • pinpointing your triggers

  • learning to set + enforce the boundaries YOU need

  • learning low-contact communication tools

  • preparing for + resetting after contact with  your coparent(s)

  • learning a few simple ways you can make changes to avoid conflict

Program includes:  

  • four, 60 minute zoom sessions

  • coaching + teaching

  • email/text support

  • handouts between sessions

  • sessions must be completed within 4 weeks of start date

This is a hybrid coaching/consulting package for those of  you who are looking to achieve more peaceful coparenting through practical tips, tools, and a  little bit of behavior change on your part. How many of you have heard that it's not divorce itself 

Not everyone has 8 weeks to commit to a full coaching package. That's why this package is hyper-focused on learning + problem solving, rather than coaching you through the deeper feelings you may be having. If  you make it through this package and decide you'd like to continue with more coaching, to focus more on you, we can always add on more sessions.  

Proud Big Sister
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