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Your Guide to Coparenting During the Holidays

Your Guide to Coparenting During the Holidays

You've come to the right place. It's possible, and I've created this new eBook (PDF download) to help show you how. Inside this quick-read, 50+ page guide, you'll find ways to manage:


Holiday Boundaries

  • Boundary refresher
  • Possible holiday boundary areas
  • Holiday boundary scripts


Your New Holiday Routine

  • What you can expect
  • Talking to your kids about the holiday
  • Possible holiday schedules
  • Should you be flexible this holiday season?


Holiday Traditions

  • New traditions for you and your kids, and YOU
  • Handling duplicate traditions
  •  The Elf



  •  Talking to your coparent about gifts
  • Gift ideas for your coparent/their family
  • Handling duplicate gifts
  • Over-gifting
  •  Handling Santa


Holidays Together and Apart

  • Should you spend time together?
  • Prepping for the holiday together
  • How to handle the holiday together
  • Scripts to use when your kids talk about the other home
  • Spending the holiday without your kids
  •  Reminders


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