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Your Guide to Coparenting with Boundaries

Your Guide to Coparenting with Boundaries

Co-parenting is hard. Especially when your coparent is a high-conflict individual. Let me help you learn how to use boundaries to raise your tiny humans in a more peaceful environment. You can't change your coparent, but you can change you! You can teach your coparent how to treat you. The first step is to set and enforce strong boundaries. You'll learn what boundaries are, types that are commonly needed in co-parenting relationships, how to set and enforce them, when to be flexible with them, and how to stop using them as a weapon (even though you might not mean to use them that way!). 


There are plenty of quizzes, brain dump pages, scripts for stating and enforcing your boundaries, lists to help you figure out what areas you might need boundaries in... there are 54 pages of goodness here for you!


This book is the product of many, many years of struggling to co-parent. I want to share the things I wish I had known when I started my coparenting journey with you. Boundary work was one of the most important parts of transforming my chaotic post-divorce co-parenting relationship into a peaceful one, and I'm confident that it will be just as transformative for yours.

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