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Take a look at the services I offer here. Please know that I don't believe in a "one size fits all" coaching program. You all have the same general struggle, but may require slightly different things. We'll discuss what you need, and we'll figure out what will work for YOU to get you the results that you need. You'll get a plan made just for you after our meet + greet. 

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Meet + Greet

We'll get to know each other, discuss your needs, and decide if we're a good fit for one another. The goal here is to be open and honest with one another so we can begin making progress from day one, minute one.

One Coaching Session

One private, 60 minute coaching session. Perfect for coparenting-related questions or brainstorming ideas.  


 *Via Zoom or phone (whichever you prefer)

*Email support and homework to get you thinking and practicing

*Don't forget to schedule your Meet + Greet first!!


*One session is a fantastic introduction to coaching, but likely won't provide all that you need to make real change. Please keep this in mind when you're scheduling.

Coparenting With Boundaries: Signature Coaching Package

A four week program focusing on:

-finding your triggers 

-learning to set + enforce the boundaries YOU need

-low-contact communication tools

-preparing for + resetting after contact  with your coparent 

-learning to change your behavior to avoid conflict

*Via Zoom or phone (whichever you prefer)

*Email/text support and homework between sessions

*Sessions must be completed within 4 weeks of start date

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Eight Coaching Sessions

Eight private, 60 minute coaching sessions. Ideal if you're ready to commit to personal growth surrounding your coparenting relationship.

*Via Zoom or phone (whichever you prefer)

*Email support and homework between sessions to get you thinking and practicing

*Sessions must be completed within 12 weeks of start date

*Don't forget to schedule your Meet + Greet first!!

 Coparenting with Boundaries

If you could use a little help strengthening (or setting) boundaries with your coparent(s), this is the perfect eBook/workbook for you. You'll find 50+ pages of content that take you from what boundaries are, to how to enforce them. There are plenty of tools to help you along the way, and some checklists and quizzes that will help you figure out what you need and where.

Ask a Question!

If you’ve got something you need a little help with, but you don’t need a full hour long session, you’re in the right place! Shoot me your question/problem and I’ll send you a video message with answers/solutions within 2 business days.

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