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How I Can Help

So many ways to work together! Scroll through and see what best fits your needs. Hit the "let's chat" button 

Coaching Consult 

Let’s chat about how you can step into the best version of YOU, while learning to balance your coparent’s chaos, and keep you and your kids healthy.

Communication Review

I'll take a look at whatever communication you're struggling with, and help you figure out how to proceed. 

  • 1 communication review from me, via email

  • expect your first exchange with me via email within 12-24 hours of your purchase

  • expect 1-2 email exchanges total

Coparenting Through Chaos

90 minutes devoted to helping you strategize, find solutions, work smarter not harder, combat chaos, and make changes that extend not only to coparenting, but to  every other area in your life. 

Book of Boundaries + Scripts 

SO MANY SCRIPTS and SO MANY BOUNDARIES! If you struggle with things like ending toxic communication, responding to false claims, handling gaslighting/manipulation, talking to your coparent about not deviating from the court order, bringing up finances, or setting boundaries in general... this book is about to become your best friend.

400 + happy customers!!!

Single Session 

An hour devoted to helping you problem solve.  Come out with concrete solutions for areas you're struggling in that are tailored to YOU + your family. Communication, boundaries, parenting plans... whatever you need!

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