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What would it look like for you to have a more peaceful coparenting relationship? How would your relationships with your kids, coparent(s), current partner, and yourself change? What would it be like to have less conflict and more harmony surrounding the most important things in your life—your kids? 

Once we start working together, I’m not just your coach. I'm your teacher, your guide... and your biggest cheerleader. I’ll teach you how to set + enforce boundaries, as well as different techniques and ways to communicate with your coparent(s). I'll help you learn to let go of the things  you can't control, and to move from resentment to contentment (and beyond). As a whole, my goal is to help you take back your power, shift your mindset about divorce and coparenting, set and enforce boundaries, communicate more effectively, and help you and your kid(s) thrive. 


What if there was someone who could help you achieve a more peaceful coparenting relationship—and she was right here, ready to  help? Allow me to introduce her to you—she’s me!! I'm Katie. Mom of two, successful coparent, and coparenting with boundaries guru. 

I didn’t become a coparenting with boundaries guru overnight—I’ve been exactly where you are, for way more years than necessary. I spent the first year after my divorce trying to figure out what had just happened. I spent entire second year in a pool of my own tears, completely heartbroken. I spent the third year trying to figure out what I was doing wrong and why my coparenting relationship wasn’t working like I thought it should (and also… I was still heartbroken and filled with self-doubt). I spent the fourth year finally figuring out how to move on—which included a lot of inner work, learning to set boundaries, admitting where I was making mistakes, and learning to let what I couldn’t control go. ​


Coparenting Coach

Katie Davie

Katie has an undergrad degree in Psychology, has studied at Bill Eddy's* High Conflict Institute, and is a certified coach. She has run the Coparenting Peacefully Instagram page for over a year, providing coparenting tips and tricks to the general public, and DM advice to those who are struggling. She has been a guest on podcasts to discuss coparenting, and also to discuss her role as a biomom in a blended-ish family. Her e-book, "Your Guide to Coparenting with Boundaries" is now available here in the shopping section.

*Bill Eddy developed the High Conflict Personality Theory, is a co-founder of the High Conflict Institute, and is also the creator of the BIFF method for communication with high conflict individuals. I have found great value in his work, and also in his classes.

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